Coin Shortage & Rationing

By Paul Ploumis

January 14, 2014

Caught by a number of factors, the global minting industry is experiencing coin shortage crisis together with the possible threat of rationing. The Central Bank of India in 2013 had imposed various restrictions and norms over the gold import and trading which had considerably hindered gold purchases in the country. Gold shortages were also prevalent in markets across the globe over the year. If the same downtrend continues to capture the global economy, then the day is not too far off when customers looking to purchase gold bullions will be subjected to rationing or limited allocation of coins.

Coin shortages and rationing was being witnessed in 2008 when the international minting industry was seized by financial crisis. Only recently was it reported that the U.K. minting industry met with a shortage of 2014 Sovereign gold coin sales. Only a day before did the U.S. mint report a strained supply of American Silver Eagle Bullion Coins that forced the company to induce an allocation program for one year, thereby limiting the supply of the official coins. Even though the 2008 coin shortage has faded much now, the U.K. and U.S. mints are still having issues in supplying coins that have further increased its demand among buyers and investors.

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