Why Getting A Pre-Owned Car Is A Smarter Option

Investing in and having a brand new vehicle is always the dream of many people. Who would not want to drive away from a car dealer's shop in a shiny, new car, breathing the wonderful smell of the leather seats and with the car speakers blasting your favorite song?

For most people however, getting that brand new vehicle just really remains a dream. The main reason is always money, of course. Most of the time, the allowed budget for buying a car is just simply not enough to get one that is new or unused.

The next best and oftentimes, smarter option is to buy a second-hand vehicle. And below are the reasons why you should think about and gravitate towards this option:

1. Getting a pre-owned car will help you avoid the vehicle's value depreciation

Once you drive off the lot with a shiny new car, it will drop its value. Auto industry analysts claim that owners of mainstream cars can expect to lose about 30 percent of their car's value during the first two years of ownership. And when you do decide to resell it, you will be selling it at a far lesser price than when you bought it. Hence, the investment you initially thought was smart will turn out not to be a good one, in the future.

2. You can now get a pre-owned car that underwent a certification program that guarantees a "like new" condition.

Some authorized car dealers, for instance, offer certified used cars from the manufacturer. These certifications guarantee that the pre-owned vehicles have no history of major damage and that they have undergone an extensive and thorough inspection. Some certified pre-owned cars may certainly be more expensive; but this mainly because these vehicles have been through a rigid safety inspection process and reconditioning to meet manufacturer's exacting standards.

3. It is certainly more affordable.

Lastly, pre-owned cars are quite simply so much more affordable than new ones. Of course, you will pay more for a brand new vehicle than a pre-owned one. But by making sure that the used vehicle is in good and even in perfect condition, it will still serve its purpose.

Whether you need to get a compact SUV or sedan, always consider a pre-owned car. It will not depreciate on you. It will also be certified according to the manufacturer's standards and it will always be easy on the pocket.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/